OMNI DEGREASER is a powerful water based alkaline detergent containing solvents. Its alkalinity along with the solvents helps in the quick and efficient removal of oil, dirt, and grease from floors, walls and equipments. It is a low viscosity pale yellow colored liquid which is nonflammable and readily miscible with water in all proportion.


OMNI DEGREASER is formulated to rapidly emulsify oil and grease and rinse freely from surfaces without re-depositing contamination. A built-in foam additive allows it to be used for foam cleaning and the product is buffered to maintain to high PH at use concentrations. It is a highly concentrated and powerful cleaner.

Area Of Applications:

OMNI DEGREASER is ideally suited for the cleaning of Oil drilling rode, floors and walls of garages, service stations, ports, oil drilling rigs, ship decks and other areas where generally there are heavy deposits of dirt and grease. OMNI degreaser can also be used for the spray cleaning of machines in the oil industry. Its ability to readily dissolve with sea water makes it ideal product for offshore degreasing operations. Its ability to quickly remove dirt and grease effortlessly makes it a perfect product for chassis cleaning of heavy vehicles, construction machinery, earth moving machinery and lift trucks.


Method of application and dilution:

Dilution will be as per requirement and actual use. OMNI DEGREASER can be applied either by spraying equipment, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, immersion baths or by cloth, sponge, brush or mop. Always follow the cleaning operation with a water rinse until all traces of the detergent have eliminated.

Chemical And Physical Data:

Appearance : Yellow low viscous liquid
Sp. Gravity at 20 deg.C : 1.04 +/- 0.01
Viscosity at 20 deg.C : 30 cps. +/- 10cps.
PH : 11.5 +/- 0.3

Handling & Safety:

OMNI DEGREASER is considered to be of low hazard provided that good standards of industrial hygiene and safe working practices are maintained. The product can cause eye irritation. Prolonged contact with skin may give rise to skin irritation.
It is recommended that goggles, PVC, and protective overalls were worn during handling.
Avoid inhalation of any mist or vapors produced by high pressure spraying equipment.

First Aid:

Skin Contact : Wash skin immediately with soap and large amounts of water. Remove any contaminated clothing. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
Eye Contact : Wash eyes with copious quantities of water or eye wash solution for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.
Ingestion : Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.
Pack size : 200 Litre Drum, 125 Litre Drum & 20 liter Can.
Storage : Keep tightly closed; away from heat or naked flames

Transport Information:

The information in this section is for reference only and should not take the place of a shipping paper (bill of lading) specific to an order. Based on our hazard characterization, the potential environmental hazard is: LOW
Based on our recommended product application and the product’s characteristics, the potential environmental exposure is: LOW Typical Proper Shipping Names for this product are as follows;.

Land /Air / Marine Transport:

Proper shipping Name: Environmentally Low hazardous substance, Liquid.
NOTE: Use this information sheet only as a guideline for the use of this product. The information provided is accordance with the latest technical developments. We do not accept responsibility of any work carried out with this product, as we have no control over the method of application used or the conditions on which the work was done.