Omni Antifreeze Coolant is to meet the rigorous demands of all types of liquid cooled I.C. Engines cooling systems in Automobiles and Industries. It provides significant margin of safety against lubrication failure or Engine damage due to boil over, by effectively controlling and removing the excess heat produced in the engines. In addition, this also affords adequate freezing protection against low temperature operations. OMNI ANTIFREEZE COOLANT is a homogeneous Ethylene Glycol based mixture formulated with the most advanced and balanced state of art Corrosion Inhibitor and Anti-rust technology which prevents Corrosion & Cavitation erosion. The product conforms to all International Specifications, e.g, ASTM D3306, SASO, US MILITARY SPECS. Etc.

The Product Ensures:

Maximum protection against boil over temperature and lowest freezing temperature.

A very high alkaline reserve to ensure longer cooling life.

Chemical stability and complete compatibility with water and other cooling solutions.

Excellent protection against corrosion to all cooling system metals.

Applications: Two types of products

1) OMNI COOLANT ANTIFREEZE –For cast-iron engines..

2) OMNI ALU-TECH- For Aluminium engines

Various concentration for optimum result.

Products available in different concentrations and packaging

Handling Precautions:

Considered harmful or fatal in the case of oral ingestion. Prolonged contact with skin should be avoided as it may cause irritation. In case of splashes in eye should be removed immediately by irrigation of water.

The information given on this publication may be amended without notice..

Note: Use this information sheet only as a guideline for the use of this product. The information provided is in accordance with the latest technical developments. We do not accept responsibility of any work carried out with this product, as we have no control over the method of application used or the conditions on which the work was done.